Lógó nyelv

The Lógó Nyelv (lógó means hanging, nyelv means tongue/language) is a Logo language interpreter. It helps mainly the primary school pupil to get an introduction to the world of programming.

The first releases were developed in Turbo Pascal under DOS. This page hosts the linux port of the project. Feel free to join into its development. (The future of the DOS version is uncertain. If anyone needs it, we will make it available here, or try to adjust the sources of the linux version to be multiplatform.)

The latest version is logonyelv-1.7.1.tar.gz. It contains an ELF binary compiled with Free Pascal 1.0.4 and linked against GLIBC 2.0 beside - certainly - the sources. Read the TELEPITES (INSTALL) file before installation.

The sources are also available from CVS.
You can find younger pieces of code here.

The Lógó nyelv is hosted by SourceForge.

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English translation by Tamás Herman, hermantom@yahoo.com
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